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Lavender Night Cream

Nourish your skin with this moisture replenish formula enriched with Multivitamins, Multi minerals and Oligolgeline with goodness of Lavender oil that will work its magic throughout the night. The Unique vita complex with rare sea algae extarcts & minerals boosts skin's defense, reduces its dullness and intensely hydrates the skin. Soothing effect of Lavender & Waterlily keeps the skin celles healthy and teher by enhances its renewal process.


Evenly apply this night cream on cleansed face and neck.Gently massage until absorbed. For the ebst results, use in combination with Galway Rupabham Rose Day Cream.

  • M.R.P :- Rs 263.00
  • IP :- 0.810
  • Item Code :- GKL08075
  • Net Wt. :- 75g
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